Hello everyone 💓


February has already started

The demon is outside! Fortune is within! !

Tomorrow is Setsubun👹


The direction this year seems to be south-southeast .


Do you eat ehomaki? ?

It is sold at convenience stores during this season,

I want to eat it 💓


Changing the subject, at Queen Casino from the 1st,

A slot tournament is being held✨

Slot Tournament at Setsubun Festival

This tournament is a match for the total amount of wins on the jackpot machine 👊


And the prize this time is [$5,000]❕

Super hot tournament where the top 30 can win this huge prize 🔥


Also, among the participants of this campaign, those who have entered the top 10 of the deposit amount during the period will be calculated with a score of “double” ✨


That means that you will definitely be in the top 30 and receive prize money, so it’s a special thing!


Please join us and let’s get excited 💓


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