Less than two months after the conclusion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a new competition with teams from all over the world is being held. This time, instead of a national team, a club team will participate!

The strongest club teams from each continent will face off for a chance to win the FIFA Club World Cup!

The FIFA Club World Cup is one of the rarest prizes in football.

First held in 2000, the tournament has played host to the AFC Champions League in Asia, the CAF Champions League in Africa, the OFC Champions League in Oceania, the CONCACAF Champions League in North America, the Copa Libertadores in South America and the UEFA Champions League in Europe. The team that won the championship in the annual tournament of each federation participates.

In order to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup, it is a prerequisite to first participate in the continent’s highest tournament of the federation to which you belong and win the tournament.

Each team goes through a tough qualifying round, so it can be said that the team that wins the FIFA Club World Cup, which has a history of 23 years, is the strongest football team!

Spain’s Real Madrid (4 wins) and Barcelona (3 wins) lead the number of Club World Cup wins, while outside Europe Corinthians, São Paulo and Internacional are the three teams (all three). Only the Brazilian team) has won the championship.

The FIFA Club World Cup this time will be a competition for the 2022 season of the continental competition of each federation.

This time, the tournament was postponed to February 2023 due to the FIFA World Cup held in November-December 2022.

The participating teams this time are Widard Casablanca (host country & African champion), Auckland City (Oceanian champion), Seattle Sounders (North American champion), Flamengo (South American champion), Real Madrid (European champion), etc. The winner Al Ahly Cairo will also participate, and the 2021 Asian champions Al Hilal will also participate, making a total of seven teams participating.

This is because the winning team of the 2022 Asian Champions League has not been decided before the start of the Club World Cup.

The matches will take place at the Ibn Battuta Stadium in Tangier and the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, Morocco. The match schedule is as follows.

1st match: Al Ahly Cairo vs Auckland City (2nd February 0400h Japan time)
2nd match: Widad Casablanca vs Al Hilal (23:30 Japan time 4th February)
3rd match: Seattle・Sounders vs Winner of Match 1 (0230h Japan time on February 5)
Semi-Final Match 4: Flamengo vs Winner of Match 2 (04:00 Japan time on February 8)
Semi-Final Match 5: Match 3 Winner vs Real Madrid (04:00 Japan time on February 9) Match
6: Loser of match 5 vs Loser of match 4 (0230h Japan time on February 12)
Match 7 of the final : Winner Match 5 vs Winner Match 4 (04:00 on February 12, Japan time)

Watch the stars of the world’s top teams at the FIFA Club World Cup this February!

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FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar 2022