Get Q-PON390 in Taisho Thank You Event

[Campaign details]

Thank you for playing with us every day, whether it’s rain or wind , whether you’re healthy or sick!
a token of our gratitude, we have prepared 390 thank you points!

During the campaign period, you can earn Q-PON points according to the number of days you played in real life!
If you play every day, you can get 390 Q-PON points!
Play every day and get the prizes you’ve always dreamed of☆
*To earn Q-PON points, please access the Q-PON page .

[Application method]

When you wish to participate, please tell the password to the chat “thank you general”.
* The application is valid only once, and all login and play results will be counted during the period.

[Holding period]

February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 00:00:00 – February 28 (Tuesday) 23:59:59 (Japan time)


Q-PON points according to the number of playing days during the period
・10 days or more: 50pt
・20 days or more: 100pt
・30 days: 390pt

[Presentation date]

The rewards will be presented in sequence by 15:00:00 (Japan time) on March 6th (Mon).

[Q-PON terms of use]

1. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to change or terminate the Q-PON point redemption program at any time without notice.
2. In the event that QUEEN CASINO confirms any act against Q-PON’s terms of use or fraudulent activity in Q-PON’s point redemption program, QUEEN CASINO will freeze the account and related accounts (friends introduced, etc.). have the right to
3. To earn Q-PON points, you need to register on the Q-PON page. If you have not registered, please log in to the Q-PON page first.
4. By logging into the Q-PON page, you can automatically participate in the point redemption program.
5. To earn points on our site, you must be logged into your account.
6. Points can be earned by completing quests on Q-PON.
7. You can check from [Point History] on the Q-PON page.
8. You can check the number of points earned from quests in the list on the site.
9. Points can only be used at Q-PON shops.
10. Points cannot be transferred to others.
11. The number of points will be recorded and displayed in real time.
12. Rank up will be displayed immediately.
13. A deposit must be made to move up from Rank 1 of the Points Redemption Program. Customers who have not made a deposit will have their rank progression suspended until they make a deposit for all ranks.
14. Some offers in the shop are only valid for players who have reached certain program ranks.
15. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to void or suspend the Point Redemption Program in the event of fraud or fraud.
16. If no credit has been made to the User’s account within the past 90 days, the points held by the User will be forfeited.
17. If the user continues to use the point redemption program without depositing for more than 90 days, we have the right to confiscate the balance and winnings from the user’s account and close the account.

【terms of service】

1. Terms of Use and General Campaign Terms apply.
2. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to terminate or revise the campaign at any time without prior notice.
3. This campaign is only for customers with a Japanese account (currency setting USD).