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Lisa here, the blog writer of QUEEN CASINO.

Have you heard such phrase as “Life is a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what’s in it until you open” on movies? It’s exactly right! Life is something you never know especially without doing anything!
Here it is! This site’s chocolate box is Money Shower Campaign which will start today.
Not a chocolate, but a shower of cash prizes like we ever dreamed of.

The top 50 players who earned the most points earn money!
By playing these games:
Booster, Lucky 3, Million Cents HD
You will have the chance to participate in this campaign.
Campaign period: August 25, 2017 01: 00 ~ August 29, 2017 00:59 (Japan time). The top 50 players who earned the most points can earn 118 prizes each. (* ^ – ^)

Big chances of winning just by playing these cool slot games, so why don’t you try out your luck?

Also, we have a great news for everyone!
Due to high demand, the “Summer Gold Rush Campaign” will be extended until the 31st of September!
Grand draw winners haven’t been finalized yet that’s why it isn’t too late! Just deposit and hit those gold rush with plenty deluxe prizes to be given away like Personal Computers, Television set, Mobile phones and many more!

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Bank Transfer Method.
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