Hi everyone! This is Lisa the writer of Queen Casino blog☆
Big event Golden free spin challenge of May!
Free spin will be presented every week with different games just by depositing ☆
Why not enjoy this different game at this opportunity? (*゚▽゚) ノ

So! This week
If you deposit a minimum of $ 30 between May 8 to 14, you can earn 40 free spins of Golden Fish Tank ♪
It is a pleasant story to get a free spin by simply depositing money!
20 free spins of Golden Fish Tank will be reflected automatically on account on May 15, 2017, Monday 19:00 (Japan time) so please look forward to it!
When reflected in the account, let’s go and play in Golden Fish Tank and aim for high prize money!
Please click the Golden Free Spin Challenge on the campaign page if you do not know which game it is.