The VIP Bronze


Hello everyone, this is Lisa the person in charge of Queen Casino blog.

There is a very special campaign going on, just for this month there will be A VIP Bronze membership offer.

The VIP Bronze is a limited offer for players who have deposited a total of $2000 in cash for the past two months.

An invitation will be sent through email. (゚▽゚)/゚・:*【yey】*:・゚\(゚▽゚)

It is surprisingly difficult to become a VIP member, but that will change just for this month!

All you have to do is meet the requirement and wait for the invitation email!!! This is indeeed a very happy newsヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

A VIP Welcome bonus of $30 is the privilege benefit you will receive as a VIP ☆☆☆

This means that it will be the first step to becoming a Silver VIP! This is a chance for evryone, so do not miss it!


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