New campaign in April


Hello everyone, this is Lisa the person in charge of Queen Casino blog.

This is a special campaign announcement in April🎵

Just for this month, we will be giving away a special limited edition 3000 Yen Queen Casino Quocard to everyone who deposit more than 10,000 Yen for the first time!!!

In addition to that, there will be a raffle wherein we will choose 20 lucky winners to be given a super special limited edition 10,000 Yen Gold Plated Queen Casino Quocard!!! This is only for those who has a total deposit of 100,000 for the Month of April.

━━(*´∀`*b)━━This is sooooo exciting!!!

Of course, those who are already playing with QUEEN CASINO, as well as those who are new and playing for the first time, are eligible! So do not miss this opportunity ❤

If you wish to claim this special give aways, please contact by chat or e-mail after payment and just say “QUOCARD wishes”.

*The shipment of goods will be around the middle of May.

And also don’t forget about the First Deposit Bonus which was upgraded from 100% into……maximum 150%!!!

The maximum amount of bonus that you can get is also upgraded from $100 to the best maximum amount of $500♪

And that is not all!

The Bank Transfer Bonus is also doubled up from 10% to 20%, so when you deposit for the first time through bank transfer you will get a maximum of 170% bonus for your first deposit!

So, everybody…don’t miss this opportunity!

You can deposit cash and play instantly using your cash deposit!!
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