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【Do you think that Online Casino market can be changed significantly in the future?】
(Second part of our entertainment information series.)


As I’ve told you the other day as for our previous blog that lots of Japanese people didn’t knew, the increasing number of Japanese gaming enterprises actually affects the world market. Presently, it is well-known all over the world. This information I’m about to tell is for who didn’t knew especially Japanese people. I would like to introduce you all…

On the 21st of March, 1969. Konami was founded at Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, as incorporation and was corporation on March 19, 1973.
Originally it was a maintenance work of peripheral equipment and jukebox rentals.
Today, its operation is particularly known as amusement game software manufacturer for sports clubs. Casino is an authorized business that needs to acquire gaming licenses, accepted by passing such highly-ranked sound and eligibility accreditations. Konami continues to maintain very strict corporations and compliance, acquired 404 licenses worldwide, now it offers gaming equipment as a loved brand all over the world. Also do developments, manufacturing, sales and services of casino management system.

Gaming machines for casinos requires high entertainment and excitement. In addition, it must be equipped with perfection (durability and technical strength) of the product that can withstand long business hours of casino operations. and because those requirements achieved, we gained tremendous support from casino operators and established our current position.

Below are the representative games which are currently released.


「Fortune Cup(フォーチュン・カップ)」

「Beat Square(ビート・スクエア)」


Since Japan becomes a casino-influenced country, how grateful it is to see the influence that a certain company exerts. Isn’t it the most important company that you can ever expect in the mere future growth?


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