Charm of Poker


Hi everyone.
This is LISA, in charge of QUEEN CASINO blog.

I would like to explain about the charm of “poker” this time.
As you know, Poker is a simple and very strategic game of making roles from dealt cards and competing for their strength, it is also one of the major games that is said to be poker when it says casino.

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There are world competitions in poker, and the prize money is billions! It is popular all over the world as there are conventions being held. There are many professionals who live only by poker in the world! When it comes to the top level, that lifetime winning prize is amazing…

As that kind of poke as it is, there are many enthusiasts in the world, so I would like to introduce them.

・Bill Gates

・Warren Buffett

・Barack Obama

・Cristiano Ronaldo

・Michael Phelps

And the top level people in the world are the poker enthusiasts!
So why are the world’s top celebrities playing poker so much?

Is not it because poker is not only luck but also skill games where interpersonal strategy are important?

To be at the top in one field is not only luck but also a lot of effort, strategy, and belief are important.
I think that it will overlap with poker ^ ^

There are also stories that overseas companies have opened poker competitions to find outstanding talent.
Actually, “Mahjong Selection”, such as deciding a job offer at a mahjong competition among Japanese companies, is currently attracting the topic.
That skill of interpersonal skills is necessary to make one field extremely successful!

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Everyone, certainly, how is it that you honor poker skills and join the billionaire ♪