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【Do you think that Online Casino market can be changed significantly in the future?】
We will provide the first series entertainment information that you care about.

Far Eastern Island Country (Japan)

In this country, the so-called casino only exists in the underground.

Public gambling (horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing etc) operated by government agencies
Pachinko and slots (Even though Yu-Gi has virtually gaming elements)
It is not possible to actually bet money, but the casino concept medal game center.

although gambling, etc., there are things that are similar to casinos,
Japanese citizens enjoy leisure amidst limited restrictions.

Even Japanese people take a grand approach in regards to gambling worldwide and are a favorable ethnic group, It has a wonderful and difficult to understand the whole surface of [casino] that’s why it is said that there is a strong tendency to see with the eyes that took a step…
Even on the data, more than half of Japanese citizens seem to be disgusted with respect to their country becoming a casino resident.

(Is it the result of propaganda by pachinko money that dominates the history of Japanese gambling?)
Its spirit has also spread to corporate management,
Japanese companies that take extreme importance on images and compliance,
Things that will become a source of bashing tend to be treated like swollen.

That is a story of a long time ago! It is!

There are companies full of frontier spirit among current Japanese game production companies,
Even among the legally restricted land areas, we train skillfully and casinos,
Now there are companies that have tried and accomplished in the world’s land casino market.
It is also more than one company.

We will introduce three representative companies among them in particular.

· Konami

· Universal entertainment (old: Aruze)


In three companies mentioned above,
If you are a Japanese, you may have heard the company name once.
It is familiar to pachinko, slot relation, arcade game, home game, right?

It is not there a very small number of people who know that they have an influence on the casino industry.
Surprisingly, both companies are well-known as gaming providers in overseas land casino world,
Our own developed game has been installed in Macau and Las Vegas casinos.

What kind of game did these three companies have played in casinos around the world?

I’d like to introduce this series on a blog.
I would like to keep track of the trends of Japanese game production companies that can not keep an eye on the future.


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