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【【Do you think that Online Casino market can be changed significantly in the future?】】
(Third series.)

Today, I would like to introduce you the Universal Entertainment Inc.

The leading manufacturer of Pachislot machines,
Mizuho, Eleco, Macy, Across, Universal Broth
are the  combined Group of companies that manufacture and sell pachinko / pachislot machines.
The subsidiary pachislot machine type is also recognized as “universal brand”, and the recognition level is very high.
It also has a great strength in the entertainment industry,
It is a prodise of a movie Event organizer such as martial arts organizer · sponsorship etc.that has been influenced so much until now.

Universal entertainment Co., Ltd. which is the representative company in Japan,
Currently, slot machines are placed in casinos around the world, and high-profile among casino freaks,
It is thought that everyone in Japan who is not a casino resident country knows nothing.

However,  please watch the video below.

How was that?

The strong effect that brain profit surged was developed in the pachinko industry of Japan, By all means, I’d like you to experience the Universal entertainment’s Casino roulette etc.,at the Overseas casino. If one day comes when Universal Entertainment releases games to the Online Casino industry as well, It will be the beginning of the new day of the online casino.



UniversalEntertainment Inc.



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