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Hi Everyone,

It’s me Lisa, The Person in charge of Queen Casino blogs.

Today is a Video Slot guide.

As you all know, Queen Casino’s online games range widely,
Those who are not familiar with video slots do not know the rules,
I think that there are also many people who are playing in the center of table games because they are hard to get stuck.

So I would like to introduce the charm of the video slot this time!

It is said that the video slot become famous in the latter half of the 1970s,
Just as video games appeared in the world as an industry,
It attracted attention as a game machine making full use of state-of-the-art technology.

Nintendo’s family computer (Family Computer) was released July 15, 1983.
It seems that the gamers of the world had been familiar with it for a long time.

However, although the perfection of game completion was low, there were effects such as displaying messages for players on the monitor,
It seems that game performance was not so high with the image that only reel machine part of so-called Slot machine was imaged.It seems that the period of staying at home for a long time, just being treated only in some limited markets.
However, with the advancement of computers in the world, various engineers have once again gained attention,Production capacity has greatly improved, It will be equipped with attractive expressions using CG expressions and so on. And it is said that game companies in each country have worked hard and reached the current game quality.

Please do watch the video of an attractive video slot that we prepared.

Online Casino Video 1

Online Casino Video 2

Online Casino Video 3

A video slot that has acquired the current position while there are twists and turns before today.
I’d like to have everyone play and enjoy.