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Hi Everyone,
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To all Online Casino Freaks out there, I know this is sudden,
When you hear the World’s Famous Game show, What kind of exhibition that comes to your mind? I can tell you some of it but It seems that a person who knows a lot is quite a gamer.

As common knowledge in the game industry, There is an exhibition called the World’s three biggest game shows.

①Electronic Entertainment Expo  Commonly known as E3

This game show is the World’s largest Computer Game trade fair that held in Los Angeles, USA.


This Game Show is a computer Game Trade fair that held in Cologne, Germany.

③Tokyo Game Show Commonly known as (TGS)
This Game Show is a computer Game Trade fair that held in Tokyo, Japan.

The above three are the Exhibitions that well-known and loved by the gamers Worldwide.
Actually, there is no crossing history for the three major game shows that attracts customers from all over the World. The differentiation of value and competition are noticeable
due to the influence of emerging show creations.

Among them, there are shows that have had considerable influence over the last few years.

Actually, there is also a world-famous fair in the online casino gaming industry, with a show that is particularly well-known to European users

ICE Totally Gaming

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In the net game boom that does not cool down, or involves the whole world,
It is not particularly noticed as a show dealing with online gambling? Is it?

Since this ICE Totally Gaming has just been held from 2/7 to 2/9 last week in UK,
I would like to introduce the reported participants’ photographs and reactions beginning tomorrow.

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