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The On-line casino-related topic of the game show where participants gather from all over the world, including Europe…

ICE Totally Gaming (Ice Totally Gaming)

I tried collecting photos sent from the site ^ ^
Please enjoy the viewing of the actual site^^

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Among the trade fairs that also features online gaming, is only the largest gaming show,
the latest internet casino games etc were overflowing in the hall!

Very appealing campaign girls with plenty of fun, imitation of Cristiano Ronaldo …or was is the real version? of Roberto Carlos who was also present ^ ^

ICE Totally Gaming (Ice Totally Gaming)
has been growing every year, it seems that this year was a wonderful conference that felt the fortune and increase of online casinos.

When I was a teen, I was a fan of Japanese game companies.
Excellent manufacturers such as Sega, Nintendo, Square Enix, Konami, Namco, after participating in the online casino, there was a section of TGC that was held in Tokyo,
things like introducing Internet Online Casino related games may also happen in the near future^ ^

Since the current administration in Japan seems to have a positive policy towards casinos,
I think that the possibility that the mentioned development above will happen and can not be denied on the day when it is legalized ^ ^


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